2019: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (at least in the United States)! (: The first photo dates back about two years ago when I was living in Madrid, Spain. I told my Italian friend about this holiday and he decided that we should have a feast. So, he and his roommate brought in some baked chickens for all of… Continue reading 2019: Happy Thanksgiving!

2021: Autumn Storm Chasing on the Beach

A self-portrait of Mahal and I posing on the beach before the storm kicked in. The other day, my mom, our puppy Mahal, and I went to the local beach. The clouds darkened the sky with each passing moment. It was both terrifying yet celestial.  Mahal (by his choice) and I sprinted across the sand… Continue reading 2021: Autumn Storm Chasing on the Beach

2021: Secrets of the Service Wing Tour

*Note: This tour required everyone – all the guests and employees – to wear a mask at all times inside this home. Additionally, we had to sign up online to attend this. “Here is where the scullery maid worked from 6 AM to 10 PM.” The tour guide showed us a dim, narrow hallway.  Although… Continue reading 2021: Secrets of the Service Wing Tour

2021: Just Chillin’ in the Gardens ;)

Last week, I visited Old Westbury Gardens and enjoyed the sunshine and the greenery. Also, I’ll be posting a tour I attended called “Secrets of the Service Wing.” So, be on the lookout for that. These are self-portraits. I'm just enjoying the greenery and sunshine. (: I hope you’re well. Take care. (: My self-portrait… Continue reading 2021: Just Chillin’ in the Gardens 😉

2021: The People of Québec

So, from September 17th to the 20th, I had the golden chance to visit Québec. There I met a few cool Québecois and other non-Québecois living there. French or Français is the dominant language there, but most young locals can easily switch to English, which is awesome. (I wish we could do that in the… Continue reading 2021: The People of Québec

Update: No New Posts This Week :(

Hi! Sorry. There will be no new post this week. 😦 I’ve been swamped with editing photos and videos from numerous events that I’ve attended lately. Plus, when I post photos, I like to write about them. They go hand in hand, like two peas in a pod. (haha, cheesy, I know. (;) Posing with… Continue reading Update: No New Posts This Week 😦

2021: Uptown Québec: Minus the Crowds

Last month, I revisited the city of Québec. And I decided to photograph away from the crowds. Québec is the oldest, most historical city in Canada. The French founded it in the early 17th century – integrating with the indigenous population, too.  Can you tell that I like the color blue? (; The city divides… Continue reading 2021: Uptown Québec: Minus the Crowds

2021: Update: Happy Thirty-Four!

Happy Birthday to me! ^_^ (And if it's your birthday too, I wish you a happy one! 😀 ) It's a blessing that I made it this far. I plan to celebrate this day with family outside, like a BBQ or so. And then I'll hang out with my friends later on during the month.… Continue reading 2021: Update: Happy Thirty-Four!

2021: A Day in Bregenz

It's the morning. You wake up fresh and sound, recovering from a seven-hour flight from New York. You decide to go outside for some fresh air in the current city you're visiting: Bregenz. An outdoor market in Bregenz. There is plenty of food to choose from! Bregenz is on the western side of Austria, and… Continue reading 2021: A Day in Bregenz

2021: The People of Bregenz, Austria

As posted earlier last month, I visited Austria to attend my sister's wedding. And while there, I got to meet some strangers along the way, even if it was only for a minute or a moment. Knowing me, I'm usually a shy introvert. So, I want to thank God and street photography that I can… Continue reading 2021: The People of Bregenz, Austria