2021: The Sunflower Festival

The other day, my friends, my pup Mahal, and I ventured to the Sunflower Festival at the WaterDrinker in Manorville, Long Island. (It was also the same place where the Tulip Festival was held.) It's happy to see you! (; This time it was scorching hot. Humidity and I are a bad romance. While sweating… Continue reading 2021: The Sunflower Festival

2021: A Minimalist View of Avalon Park

So, the other day, my mom, my pup Mahal, and I strolled through Avalon Park, which is located in the town of Stony Brook, New York. And that day, I wanted to photograph the place with a minimalist vision. Purple petals hanging downwards. Often, we go here because not only is it freely available to… Continue reading 2021: A Minimalist View of Avalon Park

A Long Island Guide

Welcome to A Long Island Guide post! Long Island is know for its nature trails and beaches. Plus, it has a rich, interesting, and even dark history. It was first inhabited by varying indigenous tribes, like the Algonquian, before the Europeans arrived. Since I grew up here, I wanted to share with you my favorite… Continue reading A Long Island Guide

2021: Travel Destinations for Americans

Hello, Traveler! So, I made a travel list of countries, ranking them based on covid-19 cases and where Americans can travel right now. The sources come from CNN, US News Travel and the CDC.  I’ve listed it from least risky to the most risky places. This list may change in the upcoming months. So be on… Continue reading 2021: Travel Destinations for Americans

2021: On the Streets of New York

Hello! So, I just went to Eric Kim’s NYC Street Photography MasterWorkshop, which was super fun and helpful. (I’ll post more on that later.)  After the 1000 plus photo shots that I took, I’ve chosen both a candid shot and a permissive/permitted shot. So, the following are just my (silly) thoughts on them. d:  The… Continue reading 2021: On the Streets of New York

2021: Another Site/Blog Update

Hello, Traveler! Thanks for stopping by! So, as you may or may not have noticed, I’ve changed the site to Susanna Tours. It will still feature my traveling and sometimes foodie adventures. A tour is after all a pleasurable journey through places.  Anyway, thanks for sticking by! Posts will be coming in soon! Be safe… Continue reading 2021: Another Site/Blog Update

2021: Site/Blog Update

Hello! 🙂 Sorry no new posts this week. This blog is getting a bit of a make-over. I'm changing the name Susanna Travels since it's already taken in numerous social media sites and whatnot. A sunset on Long Island. As always, I'll be posting, in the near future, my travel stories and some tips along… Continue reading 2021: Site/Blog Update

2021: The Other Cloisters’ Art

A mural of a camel hung up on the dimly lit stone wall. I noticed the shadows and the way that light bounced off the walls or seeped through the windows. And there was an electrical outlet near the bottom of the floor. Impressive! About a few weeks ago, I visited the famous Cloisters in… Continue reading 2021: The Other Cloisters’ Art

2021: To Mask or Not to Mask in Manhattan

A couple of weeks ago, before Manhattan officially allowed  “vaccinated” folks to walk the streets maskless, I was in this very city all masked up. So, these were my thoughts while walking through the streets. Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to photograph strangers with their permission and with their masks on. 🙂 While the majority… Continue reading 2021: To Mask or Not to Mask in Manhattan

2021: Memory Lane at Port Jeff

So, the other day I visited Port Jeff (short for Port Jefferson) – or Down Port, as the locals call it. It brought back a lot of memories and it is one of the highlights on Long Island. It’s about a twenty minute drive from my house or about two hours by train from Manhattan. And… Continue reading 2021: Memory Lane at Port Jeff