2021: Update: Happy Thirty-Four!

Happy Birthday to me! ^_^ (And if it's your birthday too, I wish you a happy one! 😀 ) It's a blessing that I made it this far. I plan to celebrate this day with family outside, like a BBQ or so. And then I'll hang out with my friends later on during the month.… Continue reading 2021: Update: Happy Thirty-Four!

2021: Update: Flying Off to Austria

Thanks for sticking around, Traveler! So, right now, I’m traveling through Austria. I should have boarded a plane two days ago – Sunday! And I’m probably feeling some jet lag right about now. (And, God-willing, that I survived the flight, took a trip around this beautiful country, and made my way home safely.) My sister is… Continue reading 2021: Update: Flying Off to Austria

2021: Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Folks! 🙂  This post isn’t really about travel-travel. But, I figured today is special since I want to thank God for all the love in the air! During this time, I totally dream of venturing out into the world. However, waiting at home has made me think about what I want more… Continue reading 2021: Happy Valentine’s Day!

2020: What’s in a Name?

A Self-Portrait in Parque Retiro, Madrid. “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once said, or at least one of his characters said. The name Susanna has been used for more than thirty years of my life. I’ve taken pride in it now, especially since I own my own blog with my full name. However, back when… Continue reading 2020: What’s in a Name?

2020: Back to the States

A sunset view from my flight window. You literally could have your own row to yourself. There were so many rows to choose from. Also, I ended up watching three movies during this time: Joker, Jumanji: 2, and Frozen 2. (I don’t recommend watching sequels, haha! ;P) All photos were shot on iPhone 7 Plus… Continue reading 2020: Back to the States

2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 3: Alhambra

Inside the Garden of Eden. Er, I mean, the Generalife. About a month ago, I booked tickets in advanced to enter Alhambra, which is known as the Red Castle in Arabic. I’m just mesmerized about the amount of detailed put in these archways. This is an example of Magnificent Islamic Architecture and this was constructed… Continue reading 2020: Road Trip to Granada: Day 3: Alhambra

Self-Portraits: Vanity or Celebration of Self?

These self-portraits have been taken in El-Escorial, España. I can’t help but see as I set up my tripod and steady my camera and press down the shutter that this all feels vain. What do you think? With self-portrait photography, I guess I want to showcase my beauty and my individuality - just me. I… Continue reading Self-Portraits: Vanity or Celebration of Self?

2020: Toledo Again

A view of the River Tajo from a bridge. Last Saturday, I took another tour with Smart Insiders and we traveled to Toledo, Spain. It’s one of my favorite cities. The city of Toledo was build on three cultures and faiths - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. About 1000 years ago, it also served as the… Continue reading 2020: Toledo Again

2019: A Tour of Salamanca and Ávila

Last Sunday, my friend Claire and I visited Salamanca and Avila. We went on a tour called Smart Insiders. And we got front row seats! The weather in Salamanca was freezing. It reminded me of the upcoming bitter winters of New York. I was still hoping for some sunshine. But we were met with fog and… Continue reading 2019: A Tour of Salamanca and Ávila

2019: Soaring Pines

In one of the many parks of Long Island, there is a forest with pines that reaches towards the heavens. It's quite wonderful and peaceful to visit! Tree Hugger on the Loose Alert! Lock all your doors. ;P (Advance Selfie of Myself) Today, my dog Cookie and I traveled through this particular park. I wanted… Continue reading 2019: Soaring Pines