2020: My Daily Routine During Quarantine

My cat Belle, chilling in the plants. Shot on iPhone 7 Plus. Hello! It has been almost two weeks that I’ve been quarantined in my parents’ basement on Long Island. I’m literally itching to get back inside my house to be with my family, my dog, and even the comfort of my own room. About… Continue reading 2020: My Daily Routine During Quarantine

2020: Back to the States

A sunset view from my flight window. You literally could have your own row to yourself. There were so many rows to choose from. Also, I ended up watching three movies during this time: Joker, Jumanji: 2, and Frozen 2. (I don’t recommend watching sequels, haha! ;P) All photos were shot on iPhone 7 Plus… Continue reading 2020: Back to the States

Feeling Homesick

Avalon Park, Long Island Maybe it’s that time of the month, but lately I’ve been feeling homesick, or rather I just want to be around some familiar faces. I’ve been living in Spain since September and I have gone back to New York about two times - one for my brother’s wedding back in October… Continue reading Feeling Homesick

2020: The Hospital on Ellis Island

My heart pounded. I kept looking back behind me. It was just the narrow hallway. Light only emanated from the broken, square glass windows and doorways. The wooden floors were shattered. It was no longer the fine wood that held patients and doctors and nurses on their feet. After all, this hospital had been abandoned… Continue reading 2020: The Hospital on Ellis Island

2019: Old Bethpage Village Restoration

While here, there was also a Civil War Re-enactment going on. This was when the United States was at war with itself from 1861 to 1865. Many lives were lost from both the Northern and Southern States of America. This is a Union Soldier (actor) from the Northern States who was probably awaiting orders and… Continue reading 2019: Old Bethpage Village Restoration

2018: Exploring the Met

Woo! I had the awesome opportunity about a week ago to visit the Met Fifth Avenue. I only had about thirty minutes to explore this place, yet this wasn't the first time I visited. Anyway, below this paragraph, I'm just providing my general tips/thoughts on exploring this wonderful museum: A Brief Look at What's Inside A… Continue reading 2018: Exploring the Met

2018: Night Life in China Town

The rain was pouring down on my friends and I. We only owned one umbrella and some hoodies. Yet, exploring the downtown part of the city when the natural lights were gone was a magical experience. Towards the evening, sellers, whom were mostly older women, sold fruits and veggies and perhaps other types of food… Continue reading 2018: Night Life in China Town