2021: Of Armors and Cribs: Schattenburg Castle

So, as I mentioned previously, while traveling with my family (back on Sept. 5th), we visited the medieval town of Feldkirch. The landmark of Feldkirch is the Schattenburg Castle. This castle had been home to a noble family from the 13th century and then to the Habsburg's . Eventually, it became a historical landmark, a… Continue reading 2021: Of Armors and Cribs: Schattenburg Castle

2021: Feldkirch: Exploring a Medieval Town

I love learning about the European Medieval Period, which lasted from the fifth century all the way to the late fifteenth century. So, I had the golden opportunity, while visiting relatives and attending my sister's wedding in Austria, to visit Feldkirch with my brother and uncle! On the fifth of September, we took a train… Continue reading 2021: Feldkirch: Exploring a Medieval Town

2021: The Other Cloisters’ Art

A mural of a camel hung up on the dimly lit stone wall. I noticed the shadows and the way that light bounced off the walls or seeped through the windows. And there was an electrical outlet near the bottom of the floor. Impressive! About a few weeks ago, I visited the famous Cloisters in… Continue reading 2021: The Other Cloisters’ Art

2020: The Cloisters Re-Opens

Oh, nice! My mask matches my outfit, haha. This is a selfie. 😉 Last Saturday, I visited the Cloisters in New York, which is part of the Met Museum and it features medieval gothic and romanic art and architecture. I was excited to go inside again! It's one of my favorite things to see and… Continue reading 2020: The Cloisters Re-Opens

2020: Wandering through Zaragoza

My friend Claire and I took the ALSA bus from Madrid and we rode straight - with the exception of the 15 minute bathroom break - to Zaragoza. A bit about Zaragoza... Zaragoza in terms of tourism is the least popular compared to Toledo and Salamanca to visit and the least known. Well, the city… Continue reading 2020: Wandering through Zaragoza

2020: A Journey to El Escorial

The Back Entrance to El Escorial My friend from New York and I venture onto the train heading toward El Escorial. Looking out the window, the sun has disappeared from the sky and so gray clouds loom over us. Passengers are glued to their phones, scrolling endless like trapped in an infinite white room. It… Continue reading 2020: A Journey to El Escorial

2020: Toledo Again

A view of the River Tajo from a bridge. Last Saturday, I took another tour with Smart Insiders and we traveled to Toledo, Spain. It’s one of my favorite cities. The city of Toledo was build on three cultures and faiths - Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. About 1000 years ago, it also served as the… Continue reading 2020: Toledo Again

2019: A Train Ride To Segovia

The other weekend, I met up with my friend Kelly and we took a train ride to Segovia from Madrid. The train ride lasted more than one hour and we got scenic views of the arid, countryside. It reminded me of the wild, wild west - like we were traveling back in time. Soon we… Continue reading 2019: A Train Ride To Segovia

2019: A Tour of Salamanca and Ávila

Last Sunday, my friend Claire and I visited Salamanca and Avila. We went on a tour called Smart Insiders. And we got front row seats! The weather in Salamanca was freezing. It reminded me of the upcoming bitter winters of New York. I was still hoping for some sunshine. But we were met with fog and… Continue reading 2019: A Tour of Salamanca and Ávila

2019: Toledo – The Imperial City

Yesterday, my friend Claire and I visited Toledo - one of the many cities that contain historical medieval remains in España. It was a cultural center where Christians, Muslims, and Jews prospered together. Outside of the Toledo Train Station. It's so adorned. Dang, my own train station back at home doesn't even have a building,… Continue reading 2019: Toledo – The Imperial City