2021: A Day in Bregenz

It's the morning. You wake up fresh and sound, recovering from a seven-hour flight from New York. You decide to go outside for some fresh air in the current city you're visiting: Bregenz. An outdoor market in Bregenz. There is plenty of food to choose from! Bregenz is on the western side of Austria, and… Continue reading 2021: A Day in Bregenz

2021: Feldkirch: Exploring a Medieval Town

I love learning about the European Medieval Period, which lasted from the fifth century all the way to the late fifteenth century. So, I had the golden opportunity, while visiting relatives and attending my sister's wedding in Austria, to visit Feldkirch with my brother and uncle! On the fifth of September, we took a train… Continue reading 2021: Feldkirch: Exploring a Medieval Town

2018: The People of Iceland – Part Two

Check out Part One if you haven’t already! 🙂 As mentioned before, I had a wonderful time in Iceland. I met so many interesting people who have lived their whole lives there. Also, I've met people who have immigrated there and have since then called Iceland home. These are some of the people… Adam! So,… Continue reading 2018: The People of Iceland – Part Two

2019: Into the Norge

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA – EPL9 You know what the hardest part of climbing a mountain is? It's going back down. Oh, sure, climbing up the mountain will take up most of your stamina and all, but you forget to factor in that once you go back down the mountain, gravity is pushing you down and… Continue reading 2019: Into the Norge

2020: A Journey to El Escorial

The Back Entrance to El Escorial My friend from New York and I venture onto the train heading toward El Escorial. Looking out the window, the sun has disappeared from the sky and so gray clouds loom over us. Passengers are glued to their phones, scrolling endless like trapped in an infinite white room. It… Continue reading 2020: A Journey to El Escorial