2021: Of Armors and Cribs: Schattenburg Castle

So, as I mentioned previously, while traveling with my family (back on Sept. 5th), we visited the medieval town of Feldkirch. The landmark of Feldkirch is the Schattenburg Castle. This castle had been home to a noble family from the 13th century and then to the Habsburg's . Eventually, it became a historical landmark, a… Continue reading 2021: Of Armors and Cribs: Schattenburg Castle

2019: Toledo – The Imperial City

Yesterday, my friend Claire and I visited Toledo - one of the many cities that contain historical medieval remains in España. It was a cultural center where Christians, Muslims, and Jews prospered together. Outside of the Toledo Train Station. It's so adorned. Dang, my own train station back at home doesn't even have a building,… Continue reading 2019: Toledo – The Imperial City