A Long Island Guide

Welcome to A Long Island Guide post! Long Island is know for its nature trails and beaches. Plus, it has a rich, interesting, and even dark history. It was first inhabited by varying indigenous tribes, like the Algonquian, before the Europeans arrived. Since I grew up here, I wanted to share with you my favorite… Continue reading A Long Island Guide

2021: Sunsets at Short Beach

A Self Capture of me entering in to the sunset. The sun is beginning to set. I like watching the warm colors mesh in together.  In the distance, a couple of friends are giggling. And there’s a guy who’s snapping photos away on his phone. My dog Mahal and my mom and I are basking… Continue reading 2021: Sunsets at Short Beach

2021: At the Beach

You can see a couple of properties not too far out. I was walking on its shore with my dog Cookie. We then heard a couple of gun shots echoing in the distance and Cookie definitely pulled back in the opposite direction. Well, it’ll be a couple of months before springtime. Thus I’m enjoying the… Continue reading 2021: At the Beach

Exploring NorCal: Sacramento & Yosemite

About a week ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to explore NorCal and visit family. The following are just my thoughts and experiences while visiting these places just for the day: Oakland Oakland sort of had that SoCal vibe with its towering palm trees, beach-like fronts, and bright skies. My brother and I stumbled upon… Continue reading Exploring NorCal: Sacramento & Yosemite

2016: Block Island

My Family and I visited Block Island last Sunday. Traveling from Orient Point, Long Island to New London, Connecticut was about a hour long and then from New London to Block Island, Rhode Island was another hour. Oh, goodness! Let me tell you, traveling below deck made me want to vomit. (Note to self: When… Continue reading 2016: Block Island

2016: Cupsogue Beach

The other day my friend and I spent time at the Cupsogue Beach in West Hampton, reminiscing about Polly Pocket, Game Boy Games, and other events happening in our lives. Although the ride there was about an hour long, it was worth it. Traveling there was a treat, like venturing into another country. The sun… Continue reading 2016: Cupsogue Beach