Where are you from?

I’m from Long Island, New York.

What’s your ethnicity?

My parents immigrated here from the Philippines. So, I was born and raised in New York. Also, I took a DNA test (23andme) and I actually have other Asian ethnicities from Thailand, India, and Japan to name a few. And I got some Native American ancestry – so I’m truly American, haha. ;P

Why did you create this blog?

Because I can, foo’! Haha, no, actually, I just needed an outlet to share my thoughts and travels with many more words than what social media can hold. Plus, I hope you find this blog informative and entertaining.^^

What camera do you use?

I mainly use the Fujifilm system. I have used Canon, Panasonic, and Olympus in the past.

So do you take pictures of yourself, too?!

Indeed I do! I’ve gotten into self-portrait photography lately. I’ve learned that the best subject matter is yourself! Plus, the lovely Sorelle Amore has inspired me. 🙂

Where do you get the money to travel to all of these places?

It used to be from my parents and my grandma, especially when we went on family vacations. But, as a solo traveler now, it’s just me. I teach English online! It’s something else that I enjoy doing, too. And I’m learning to invest as well. 😉

What languages do you speak?

English is my native tongue. 😛 Hablo el español. Und ich lerne gerne. 😛

Have you ever lived abroad before?

Yes! I’ve lived in Madrid from September 2019 to March 2020. I taught and tutored in English mainly to elementary aged students. And then the pandemic and quarantine started, so I had to return to New York. 😦 It was a great experience. It’ll be something I’ll go more in depth in later. And I’m definitely open to traveling more extensively once we get vaccinated!

What got you into traveling?

When I was younger, I remember traveling with my parents and siblings across the country, such as Yellow Stone National Park.

Traveling is definitely eye-opening or being more aware and exposed to other cultures and ways of life. I think it’s the beauty of seeing the architecture, meeting people, learning their languages, and enjoying their cuisine that makes traveling so thrilling.

So, all in all, it has been a childhood dream of mine to explore every country for as long as my brain and limbs function adequately. 😉