2019: Hanbok Adventures

I'm in a Korean Drama called Fate of the Descendants of the Sun Children. Haha, just kidding. ;P This memory was back in May of 2019: Down the narrow street, I'm laughing and running. I hold onto the lower end of the hanbok – this yellow, poufy skirt, making sure I won't flash anyone. But,… Continue reading 2019: Hanbok Adventures

2020: Phase 3

Enjoying the fruits of summer. Happy July! We made it. So far this is what I’ve learned during New York’s Phase 3 era: The majority of folks are still wearing masks or at least keeping their distance.It’s summer! I’ve had the chance to swim in my pool and I’m hoping to swim at the beach,… Continue reading 2020: Phase 3

2020: What’s in a Name?

A Self-Portrait in Parque Retiro, Madrid. “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once said, or at least one of his characters said. The name Susanna has been used for more than thirty years of my life. I’ve taken pride in it now, especially since I own my own blog with my full name. However, back when… Continue reading 2020: What’s in a Name?

Self-Portraits: Vanity or Celebration of Self?

These self-portraits have been taken in El-Escorial, España. I can’t help but see as I set up my tripod and steady my camera and press down the shutter that this all feels vain. What do you think? With self-portrait photography, I guess I want to showcase my beauty and my individuality - just me. I… Continue reading Self-Portraits: Vanity or Celebration of Self?

2020: A Couple of Nights in the Palazzo

Marbles steps, huge archways, and the sun eminating onto the piazza. It was love. I knew I wanted to be there. That’s what happens when you just look at AirBnB photos. The owners only show you the good stuff and sometimes you’re just so enamored by the place that you forget the essential details, like:… Continue reading 2020: A Couple of Nights in the Palazzo