2021: Mitsuwa in the Pandemic

In New Jersey, from time to time, I travel whether with friends or myself to the gigantic Japanese supermarket chain – mixed in with a food court – called Mitsuwa, which means harmony. This was inside. People were lining up to this cutesy cafe with bubble tea and macron. From my apartment about a week… Continue reading 2021: Mitsuwa in the Pandemic

2021: A Night on the Waterfront

Couples held hands. Groups of friends lingered, catching the view and beckoning their friends to photograph them. Parents guided their kids on bikes as they glided through the pavement. Such was the night's atmosphere as I strolled on the waterfront. From across the river, the city skyscrapers' white and blue and red lights shimmered on… Continue reading 2021: A Night on the Waterfront

A Stroll Through the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

After shopping in the mega Japanese market store called Mitsuwa, I traversed through the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. It stretches about 18.5 miles. And you walk by apartment complexes and some outlet stores and restaurants. But, just across the river, you witness the splendor of the city of New York with its towering buildings and… Continue reading A Stroll Through the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway

2020: Some Life Updates about Me

New Jersey Side and over the waters is Manhattan Aloha, I just wanted to let you know I'm alive. K, thanks, bye! Haha! ;P I'm not going to leave that easily. Anyway, during this pandemic, I've been keeping busy: I've been swimming in my pool most days of the weeks.I've been watching a whole range… Continue reading 2020: Some Life Updates about Me