2018: The People of Iceland – Part Two

Check out Part One if you haven’t already! 🙂 As mentioned before, I had a wonderful time in Iceland. I met so many interesting people who have lived their whole lives there. Also, I've met people who have immigrated there and have since then called Iceland home. These are some of the people… Adam! So,… Continue reading 2018: The People of Iceland – Part Two

2018: The People of Iceland – Part One

I think Iceland has become a top travel destination. And I imagine that once the pandemic is diminished there will be more tourists flooding there. Before September of 2018, I had no idea what Iceland was or even of its existence. When I first heard of Iceland, it just conjured up scenes from the ice… Continue reading 2018: The People of Iceland – Part One

2018: Horses in Iceland

As mentioned in the previous post, I stayed in Iceland for a few days with my siblings. What a beautiful country! The countryside is breath taking. And what's even more special about this lovely land is the roaming of horses - with all the natural, earthy warm colors. Just driving through the country, you'll find… Continue reading 2018: Horses in Iceland

Glacier Hiking

Oh, wow! I had the unexpected and awesome opportunity to travel to Iceland several days ago. My brother's friend was supposed to accompany him, but he ended up bailing out due to the impending Hurricane Florence. Anyway, so this was a spur of the moment. My older brother and I ended up accompanying our younger… Continue reading Glacier Hiking