2019: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (at least in the United States)! (: The first photo dates back about two years ago when I was living in Madrid, Spain. I told my Italian friend about this holiday and he decided that we should have a feast. So, he and his roommate brought in some baked chickens for all of… Continue reading 2019: Happy Thanksgiving!

2021: An Adventure in Spain

¡Hola! So, I had the fantastic opportunity back in September 2019 to live and teach English in Spain for about six months. Thus I compiled my posts from when I was living there. And I encountered many places and many interesting people along the way. Hopefully, I can visit again. And in the meantime, I… Continue reading 2021: An Adventure in Spain

2021: Another Site/Blog Update

Hello, Traveler! Thanks for stopping by! So, as you may or may not have noticed, I’ve changed the site to Susanna Tours. It will still feature my traveling and sometimes foodie adventures. A tour is after all a pleasurable journey through places.  Anyway, thanks for sticking by! Posts will be coming in soon! Be safe… Continue reading 2021: Another Site/Blog Update

2020: Behind Granada

With leisure travel closed for the time being, I feel pensive about one place in particular: Granada. Back in March of 2020 before the pandemic, I was teaching English in Madrid, Spain. And on one of those weekends, my friends and I took a road trip down south to Granada. We definitely visited the historical… Continue reading 2020: Behind Granada

2020: Dream Camera Come Rescue Me

A typical selfie: taking a photo of yourself in front of a mirror. 😉 Taken with a Fujifilm x100f. In an ideal world, or, if I was granted the opportunity to have my own customized camera, these would be some of my ideal specs: Image stabilizationFlip out screenNo zoom lensFixed lens if possibleShutter speed and… Continue reading 2020: Dream Camera Come Rescue Me

2020: What’s in a Name?

A Self-Portrait in Parque Retiro, Madrid. “What’s in a name?” Shakespeare once said, or at least one of his characters said. The name Susanna has been used for more than thirty years of my life. I’ve taken pride in it now, especially since I own my own blog with my full name. However, back when… Continue reading 2020: What’s in a Name?

2020: Back to the States

A sunset view from my flight window. You literally could have your own row to yourself. There were so many rows to choose from. Also, I ended up watching three movies during this time: Joker, Jumanji: 2, and Frozen 2. (I don’t recommend watching sequels, haha! ;P) All photos were shot on iPhone 7 Plus… Continue reading 2020: Back to the States

2020: That Thing Called Cercedilla

The town Cercedilla is surrounded by mountains. Sometime in early March, I met up with friends in Cercedilla, España. It’s about a one to two hour train ride from the capital Madrid. Once I arrived there, I was greeted by the view of the mountains with a fog slightly covering the sky. Who knew you… Continue reading 2020: That Thing Called Cercedilla

2020: My Self-Quarantined Experience

My host family had a bunch of food and kitchen supplies delivered to our door. Shot on the iPhone 7 Plus. Madrid recently stated that the country is on a State of Alert. Meaning everything is literally shut down except for supermarkets and pharmacies. Many Americans have been flocking towards the airport and buying last-minute… Continue reading 2020: My Self-Quarantined Experience

Road Trip to Granada: Day 4

I’ll miss exploring these streets of Albaicín. This was our last day in our beloved city of Granada. The day was windy and partly sunny. We strolled through parks that gave us an aerial video of the city and we had tea at our favorite place called Bañuelos. Our kitty friend was wandering around and… Continue reading Road Trip to Granada: Day 4