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Hello! How’s it going?

Every week I post photos, videos, and blog posts about my globe-trotting adventures, whether it’s glacier hiking in Iceland, greeting playful monkeys in Palawan, living in Spain, meeting people on the streets of Osaka, or just exploring somewhere close to home.

Who knows where life may take me next, but I’m willing to set foot and explore. So, tune in weekly for my travel info. and stories. May it all inspire you to learn and/or get out there! (:

2019: Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving (at least in the United States)! (: The first photo dates back about two years ago when I was living in Madrid, Spain. I told my Italian friend about this holiday and he decided that we should have a feast. So, he and his roommate brought in some baked chickens for all of…

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2021: Autumn Storm Chasing on the Beach

The other day, my mom, our puppy Mahal, and I went to the local beach. The clouds darkened the sky with each passing moment. It was both terrifying yet celestial.  Mahal (by his choice) and I sprinted across the sand as the wind began blowing away. I was so out of shape yet it felt…

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2021: Secrets of the Service Wing Tour

*Note: This tour required everyone – all the guests and employees – to wear a mask at all times inside this home. Additionally, we had to sign up online to attend this. “Here is where the scullery maid worked from 6 AM to 10 PM.” The tour guide showed us a dim, narrow hallway.  Although…

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2021: Just Chillin’ in the Gardens 😉

Last week, I visited Old Westbury Gardens and enjoyed the sunshine and the greenery. Also, I’ll be posting a tour I attended called “Secrets of the Service Wing.” So, be on the lookout for that. I hope you’re well. Take care. (: My self-portrait camera and lens.

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2021: The People of Québec

So, from September 17th to the 20th, I had the golden chance to visit Québec. There I met a few cool Québecois and other non-Québecois living there. French or Français is the dominant language there, but most young locals can easily switch to English, which is awesome. (I wish we could do that in the…

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