2018: Horses in Iceland

Just at dawn

As mentioned in the previous post, I stayed in Iceland for a few days with my siblings.

What a beautiful country! The countryside is breath taking. And what’s even more special about this lovely land is the roaming of horses – with all the natural, earthy warm colors.

Just driving through the country, you’ll find farms and farms of horses and even some sheep and cows.

It’s time for us to rest. But we want to still play!

So, while we stayed in the town of Hella, I had the opportunity to join a group of other riders through a prairie of flowers and trotting through streams and several trees at the Hella Horse Rental.

And I did this on a full bladder, haha.

My horsey Fenja on the right! 🙂

Overall, this was probably the best riding trail I’ve been on and I would definitely do a longer one in the future!

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